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Are you Ready to Start an Exciting Business from Home?

I help entrepreneurs start dog bakeries from scratch and continue to teach them how to make money selling dog treats after they build their business. I offer assistance along the entrepreneur journey with each student through three different educational courses based on their individual needs and stage of their business.  

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Hi, I'm Donna Shovlin,

I help entrepreneurs build their passion for baking and dogs into a
part time or full time career. I built a successful dog bakery from the
ground up and now operate one of the largest dog treat icing
manufacturing companies in the United States.

Throughout my online courses, I share my extremely successful formulas
and secrets that took my dog treat business from my home to Farmers Markets
and to a brick and mortar store. With over 10 years of knowledge and hands-on
dog bakery experience, my courses are designed to help beginners and
intermediate entrepreneurs find their paths to success without wasting valuable

I am a Business Development and Food Industry professional who left a high paced
corporate career after 26 years to open and operate my own human bakery.
In 2011,  I discovered a need for healthy dog treats and that I had a true love for baking them.
I transitioned my human bakery into a dog bakery and never looked back. After I invented
Treaty Treat Icing I moved into a factory and now love helping other bakers in finding their
own financial happiness through selling dog treats.

Are you READY to be
YOUR own Boss?


how to open a dog treat business

Starting a Dog Treat Bakery does not need to be complicated. This course walks you through EVERY thing that you will need to know.

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How to sell dog treats

Do you want to be the business that has a line in front of it at markets, expos or in your storefront? Do want to make more MONEY?

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How to sell dog treats online

Do you have a website or online store and wonder... how do I get customers? This course will teach you and set you up to succeed.

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Michelle I.


“Within 3 short months, my sales tripled! (through the Advanced course) After I took all the courses I realized they saved my "life" and... gave me comfort in knowing I’m not alone, made me realize every step no matter how little, is so important to increasing your sales and time, kept me on track and organized and gave me priceless tips and tricks!!! I could not have succeeded without these courses, thank you!"

Mandy T.


“Because of my lack of industry knowledge, I always had trouble with figuring out whose online advice was real or not. With these classes, I learned better techniques for starting (in the beginners course) and then growing my business (in the advanced course), and it's improved my business completely. Thank you for these courses!"

David S.


“I purchased the first course to help start a business with my children and it was power packed GREATNESS!!! I was so thrilled that I bought the Advanced course immediately after and it is
phenomenal. Donna instructs as though she is sitting in the same room, the lessons are simply packed with "on point" information. I cannot wait to buy the Online course next! THANK YOU!!"